Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Catching up in Northern Michigan

If you follow my blog at all, you know that I am a self-admitted horrible blogger. I update my Facebook page frequently, but my blog has been sadly ignored. :( SO, here is my effort to catch up! My family has moved to upper Michigan. We live in Roscommon, but I will be happy to do sessions throughout upper Michigan as well as the Saginaw area where my parents live. I am truly enjoying the lakes, the beautiful sunsets, the woods and the gorgeous countryside here in Northern Michigan with everything it has to offer. Where do you go on vacation when your living where people go on vacation? :) There are endless locations to take pictures which is great because that's my thing! I'm an on location photographer which basically means I go where the area best suits you and your desires. I am so anxious to do some sessions by one of our beautiful lakes here.
Since I am so behind on my blogging, I decided to add some of my favorite pictures that I've neglected to put on here. So, here goes...the first batch is kids, kids and more kids! :)

I told her to look RIGHT at my lens. She took me quite literally and got as close
as she could. I love her beautiful eyes in this shot!
Does it get any cuter than this? He's gonna be a  heartbreaker someday!

Double Sweetness!
Such a cute little lady. 

A beautiful summer day and a beautiful little girl
 make a great combination.

Love, Love, Love taking these little cuties pictures.
 They were so fresh and sweet in their white dresses.

First birthdays are always a special occasion!

Two more blessings for a great family-now with 4 little guys!

SISTERS! Love the expression on this little one's face!

Those eyes! So precious!
Love her playful expression!

There's nothing quite the expression of a little one when Daddy picks them up.
She was so excited to see her Daddy when he arrived at the park that
 we had to get a few shots of them together. :)

 Finally, the tween-ager." There's such a delicate balance between child and teenager at this age, and my goal is to truly capture their individuality and inward beauty. Each girl should know that they are special for how God made them inside and outside. I am really hoping to do many more sessions within the tween and early teen age to show them that they are perfectly and wonderfully made by God.

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